TLSN - TimeLine Syndication Network

web media exposure


All producers of content issued via RSS feed desire as large an audience as possible.

Connecting people with material of specific interest to them speeds that process.


Building an audience is only the beginning, keeping it interested is the next NEVER-ENDING step.

Web-interactive methods influence audience participation, a confirmation of engagement.


In addition to continual production of quality content, a little excitement must be created every once in a while... even if it does not generate any money. Such efforts are simply part of any worthwhile endeavor but should be as painless as possible.


Content creators have different Muses and MONEY may or may not be a primary consideration. If it is, a flexible revenue component integrated into the distribution process becomes vital. Even non-profit ventures sometimes pass the hat!


We will soon open up a FREE membership section with tools to help you promote your program through our new network of interactive timeline sites revolving around various media, especially podcasting! More important, we add the potential to go viral using diveMarker™ links directly to highlight clips. This increases exposure to a short-term audience significantly larger than normal, and adds the possibility of some becoming regulars (if they like your content). Growth is the goal.

This is only the beginning...

The software foundation making this possible is the VIZdex Annotated Timeline Presentation Platform™, enabling efficient delivery of entertainment and educational material to any visitor with web access (no app to download or install). NEVER BEFORE has it been both technically possible and economically feasible to deliver media content in such a connected way, readily sharable by anyone with access to the internet.