TLSN is another bootstrapped web project by BOLDfx, a privately-held Colorado Corporation in good standing since 1998.

Previously, the founder worked almost twenty years in the computing industry. The company has delivered web products and services from inception:

  • 1998 - our first business customer website
  • 2003 - our first comprehensive business web application
  • 2007 - our first online store selling and delivering digital products
  • 2010 - our first Software-as-a-Service
  • 2013 - our first experimentation with synchronological timelines
  • 2014 - our first comprehensive One Page Web Application
  • 2015 - our first Web Multi Media Annotation Platform
BOLDfx is focused on building out our VIZdex platform along with associated sites and services.  We are open to joint ventures if you own content or have a serious business idea leveraging on this exciting new technology.

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