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"Action 1: We are shutting down Google+ for consumers.
Finding 2: People want fine-grained controls over the data they share with apps. "

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Not sure this is the right place...

On a test Osada installation (rick@m.afterpod.com), I did NOT send anything from my Mastodon account two hours ago... and don't know why any such message would be routed through @noise@neonballoon.de (Oliver/Osada).

Some active or passive behaviors of the mastodon (for example, modifying settings) will have such a situation,。
The bug is not known.
I think this is weirdness in the delivery algorithm of Friendica's ActivityPub implementation (which is only a few days old). I saw a similar ghost message from somebody else with the same timestamp as Oliver's post. They're doing something strange that involves your followers endpoint.

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You can never tell when...

PHP in the browser (WebAssembly)

@GluedToTheScreen get this message?

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I installed Osada, successfully connected to some folks [edit: removed "on this forum"] on the Directory list (other Osada installs, it appears) .... PLUS my account on Mastodon  @GluedToTheScreen .  When I View Friend Suggestions, Osada finds none.  It should at least pull over a few people I follow on the mastodon side, no?


BTW- One thing I will give @Mike Macgirvin is consistency! Osada, though simplified a bit, looks/works very much like Hubzilla.  But why not?  many proven components, no need to reinvent the entire wheel.  It FEELS a little faster, more responsive, but it's also empty.

FWIW- Even though I am beginning to remember a few of the standard user navigation sequences... I still find myself hitting BACK too much (often a sign of bad UI).
I should also note that the stated intent is to bring Hubzilla up to Zot6, (so interoperability WILL be happening) but the timeline for that may extend a beyond the end of the year.
Osada does at the moment not connect to Hubzilla. Osada can speak ActivityPub and Zot6, Hubzilla at the moment only Zot (eithout any plugins). Later upgrade to Zot6 is planned, though it seems to be not trivial from what @Mike Macgirvin wrote in other posts.
We use the Portable Contacts protocol (often referred to here as "poco") to map your social graph and do somewhat intelligent friend suggestions (without doing creepy things like some well-known providers). If you have no friends yet, there's no social graph we can map. In that event we need a few people doing this to prime the pump and avoid suggestions returning empty for new folks:

Settings -> Allow us to suggest you as a potential friend to new members

I don't believe Mastodon or Pleroma support poco.

Osada can currently communicate with Hubzilla over ActivityPub if the pubcrawl plugin is installed on Hubzilla.

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Not Hubzilla per se but promoting the Fediverse... could be useful to hear how others explain the concept.


!Hubzilla Development
I posted elsewhere but THIS is probably the place (I am aka @afterpod admin (rick) ).

a new podcast about the Fediverse hosted by @kevinflo@mastodon.social

A knowledgeable person who could LITERALLY SPEAK for Hubzilla could probably get booked for a future episode pretty easily. Probably someone in this forum.
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